Tepee Cookery

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by Gwen Fisher


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Gwen Fisher, a professional journalist, has devoted much of her career to food and homemaking communication. She researched Tepee Cookery for more than two dozen years. Scores of Indian families have contributed the bits of tribal heritage, recipes and history which fill the pages of Tepee Cookery.

Now, it is your turn to enjoy Creek Grape Dumplings, Pilau of Fowl, Indian Fry Bread, Canadian War Cakes, Indian Meat Pies, Indian Summer Chicken and many, many more.

Tepee Cookery is thought to be the first book to compile recipes of the North American Tribes. It attempts to preserve the customs, practices, beliefs and languages of a people who have blended into the background of this nation. Interspersed throughout the recipes are bits of Indian lore and history.


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