Perkins, Oklahoma – Many People One Community

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by David Sasser


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Perkins – Many People – One Community is the third of a trilogy, featuring written and photographic history of the Perkins, Oklahoma, community. It covers many school and town events, organizations and school classes. Every class panel from 1927 to 2003 is a feature of the book. It also features the community’s volunteers and draftees in World War I and II. There is even two pages of sheet music included – “Oklahoma My Home,” which was composed by Mrs. Arlie Ross, and written by Warren Chantry, both early day pioneers. “Oklahoma My Home” is known as “The most beautiful song ever written about any state.” The photography in this book is sharp and professional. The various pages pay tribute to those both who have passed on and those who are still living. There are dozens of vintage family photos, school photos, and general historical shots of buildings, places and things. Over 400 photos in this one book.


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Hardcover, 384 pages 8½"x11" (red)
over 400 photos, indexed


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