Perkins, Oklahoma – A Place To Call Home

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by David Sasser


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The second in a trilogy of Perkins, Oklahoma, history. The first book, Perkins – Queen City of the Cimarron, is a pictorial history recording development of the village of Perkins from 1889 to 1920. The second volume includes even more history and photographs, and deals more with the businesses that have come and gone in the community. It takes the Perkins history up to 1970s and 80s.

The 382–page book includes over 150 historic photographs. The photographs are clear, many of which have not been seen before. The test gives a brief history of the various businesses, organizations and events in the community. The book is 8½x11″, printed on a nice coated paper stock, and is hardbound with a handsome leatherette cover with gold die–stamped lettering. It will be a keepsake you will want to pass on to your family.


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Hardcover, 382 pages 8½"x11" (blue)
over 200 photos, indexed


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