Osage County Oklahoma 1906

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Osage County Oklahoma 1906
By Philip Dickerson




JUNE 2006 – The original of this history on Osage County, Oklahoma, was authored and privately printed by Philip Dickerson M. A. in 1906.

Mr. Dickerson received his masters degree from the University of Chicago and later moved to Tulsa and the Osage County area.

Due to publication considerations of the era, most of these books were never bound or widely distributed at the time they were released. As a result, original copies of this book are exceedingly rare.

Because of Mr. Payne’s lifelong interest in Osage County history, and my continued search for material on the Cherokee Strip Cow Punchers Association, we were especially gratified to be able to purchase an original copy of this work from the collection of Mr. Jim Edwards of the Abalache Book Store in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Because of the great interest in the original copy and its fragile condition, we decided to reprint this work and make it available in this form. All errors, including spelling, are original to Mr. Dickerson.

Many of the families covered in this work still reside in the great grassland of the Osage. We hope you enjoy reading it.

Holton Payne
Shidler, Oklahoma

A.F. Stehno
Billings, Oklahoma

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by Philip Dickerson
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