Making A Home In Stillwater

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by Peggy McCormick


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Several years ago the author chanced to discover a house in an older neighborhood whose interior was dominated by beautiful carved wood paneling and stained glass windows. Enhanced by the warmth of the house, she wondered aloud, “If these walls could talk what could they tell us?”

She continues, “As I became aware of the tales these houses represented, I decided to write their stories. I chose families whose houses are still standing or whose descendants are living in Stillwater. I hoped to relate how simple, everyday events bound these early day settlers to each other and to their community. My desire is also to preserve for future generations the humorous, sad, joyous, and often mundane occurrences that constituted family life during the early years of Stillwater.”

Twelve pioneer Stillwater families are featured through text and treasured family photographs in Mrs. McCormick’s book. These were couples who came to Stillwater in early years to earn a living, raise their families and serve their fellow man. They did this unobtrusively and with little fanfare. In fact, the subtitle on the cover states, “These families did not know they were making history when they did it.”

The author came to Stillwater from Oklahoma City in 1970 with her husband Robert McCormick, Jr., and three sons, Bob, Tim and Andy. She has a BA degree from OSU in Sociology, an MS degree from OSU in Family Relations, now employed as an Alcohol/Drug counselor, working with families and adolescents. She serves as a Board of Director of the Stillwater Public Library.


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