Drumright II – A Thousand Memories

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by D. Earl Newsom

ISBN: 978-093418825-8



A companion to Drumright, The Glory Days. You’ll find the second volume just as interesting as the first. It includes the stories of Pemet, Shamrock, Oilton, and Olive also, illustrated with rare pictures.Drumright II features rare pictures from collections throughout the oil field. There is a special collection by Ben Russell, the oil field’s first photographer and much more information on the opening of the great oil field in 1912.

It tells of a life with tents as homes, the struggle of the law and the lawless, the history of schools and churches, the era of the Klu Klux Klan, and many special memories.

It is a story and a lasting reference for anyone who cares about Oklahoma oil history or who ever lived in the exciting, happy–go–lucky town.

A collection of photographs of historic homes and buildings in Drumright Memories of Second Ward, Third Ward, Fourth Ward, Tiger and Pemeta schools in their very  first days. It tells of days when talking ended and shooting started on Drumright streets. The day Officer Bice shot Jeff Curlee and the day Willie Glimp was kidnapped. The day Babe Ruth played for Drumright, and an interview with Eph Thomas, captain of D.H.S.’s  great 1924 football team.


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ISBN 978-093418825-8
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