Centennial Selections

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By Joanna Gardiner and Peggy McCormick

Softcover, Comb binding, 168 pages 8½”x11″
286 Tested Recipes, indexed


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Centennial Selections is more than just a recipe book. It is a history of dining and eating out practices in Stillwater over the past one hundred years. It is highlighted with special sections that are both nostalgic and historic, such as “The early Day,” “The Way We Ate: Meals and Menus,” “Groceries Gone By: The Way We Shopped,” “In the Good Ole Summertime,” “Preserving Nature’s Bounty,” “Restaurants We Remember: Stepping Out,” “When Company Came to Call,” and “Minding our Manners.”

Settlers endured hardships in the early years, but they found comfort in sharing familiar and favorite “home cooking.” And pioneer cooks became creative as they sought to adapt treasured recipes to the scarcities and wild foods of the Oklahoma frontier.

Over the past hundred years, new families have come to Stillwater, bringing with them recipes, different cultures, and family traditions. These diverse elements have combined to create a rich and unique culinary “stew” that is our heritage as citizens in 1989.

You are invited to sample the home cooking in the pages of this book. Interspersed among treasured recipes – old and new – are stories of area families, “remembrances” of cooking and eating entertaining and everyday life in our community during the last hundred years.

The Payne County Historical Society sponsored this book. Proceeds will be used to purchase historic street markers to designate the area of the original town site of Stillwater.

Centennial Selections is a lovingly prepared heritage of kitchens and dining room throughout the community.


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Softcover, Comb binding, 168 pages 8½"x11"
286 Tested Recipes, indexed


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