A Pennyweight More

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By Charlotte Dasher Hutchens




A story about the life of Margaret Todd Wilson Johnson Pugh from 1823 to her death in 1905.

The daughter of pioneers in Illinois, a pioneer herself to Wisconsin and Kansas, living through a marriage, separation and death of her husband, the loss of two children, the Civil War in Illinois, following which she remarried and raised a second family of children, pioneering in Kansas in 1871.

Her son moved into Osage County with the Indians. After living in a soddy, working for her brother, and baking and farming for a living, Margaret opens a boarding house in Winfield, Kansas. She fights against discrimination of Negros, for women’s rights and education, and the injustices of women having to prostitute because of not having other jobs available to them.

The author, Charlotte Dasher Hutchens, lives on a ranch near Ralston, Oklahoma, a descendent of Margaret Todd Wilson Johnson Pugh. She was born in 1933 in Wynona, Oklahoma, but was raised all over the United States. British West Indies and South America. She has been in the nursing profession since 1969, from which she is now retired. She serves as Regent of the Ponca City Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. She does genealogy research, volunteer and church work, writing and assisting her husband on their ranch.

The author skillfully builds her story over an 80 year period. following closely the part her descendents played in building Illinois, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma. and their participation in the important events of the day, such as the Civil War and the various movements and expansions as the territories were settled. A Pennyweight More reads like a novel and is not only educational but enlightens the reader on the way life was as the nation was being built. Margaret’s family is warm and human, one with which the reader can easily relate.


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