Classroom Challengers – 5s to 50s

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by Opal Hartsell Brown


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Like any science, public education has a history, and in the case of Oklahoma, the art of education has a very colorful and diversified history. The author, Opal Hartsell Brown, very ably records her experiences and concepts. She captures not only the struggle to become a teacher, but the life of the teacher following the diploma – dealing with school district politics, administration, the classroom, and the complexities of the students, both young and old. She does it as can only one who has been there for over 35 years.

Classroom Challengers – 5s to 50s, traces public education in Oklahoma as it emerges from the concept of a one–room school house within walking distance of every family farm, to the public school system of the 1990s with the new reforms that promise to propel the system into the 21st Century.


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