The Spent Arrow

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by Inez Lacey Evans




The Spent Arrow is an historical fiction with a setting in Anadarko, 0.T. as the Plains Indians gave way to the settlement of southwestern Oklahoma. George Brandt, a roving ranch hand, and Cinthia Arnold, daughter of Colonel Arnold, fall in love in Agency Town where George has paused in his travels. Agency Town is a settlement of government offices responsible for allotting land to the Indians and preparing for the opening of the Territory and the establishment of Anadarko. The story unwinds around the couple’s relationship with the white man’s establishment, and the plight of the Indians. It is a tender love story suitable for family reading and is rife with much new insight into the sociological changes that were in the making as the Indians were forced to give up their way of life for the movement of civilization into one of the last frontiers in the civilizing of the United States. The author came to Oklahoma Territory as an infant and spent the first 23 years of her life in Anadarko. The story was built around characters revealed to her by her father, W. I. Lacey, who was a recorder of deeds for the Dawes Commission. The family moved to Oregon after the author’s marriage in 1923. This is an Oklahoma book, about Oklahoma, written by an Oklahoman, and published by an Oklahoma publisher.


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