Leaves In The Wind

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by LaDonna Kramer Meinders




A Former Miss Oklahoma and Maid Of Cotton, and a contestant in the Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City, LaDonna Kramer Meinders‘ Leaves In The Wind shares with the reader all that was good and beautiful in her life as she grew up on the farm near Loyal.

An inspiration for young Oklahomans aspiring to be accomplished and productive citizens. A nostalgic trip back to the farm and growing up days for those who have already “arrived.”.

Leaves In The Wind details a way of life in the 1940s and 1950s as young people grew to adulthood in rural Oklahoma. It will inspire middle school through adult readers. explaining in detail how a young girl in a conscientious farm family in western Oklahoma turned out to be a “sensitive artist of multiple abilities,” as a friend, Dr. J. Clyde Wheeler describes her in the book’s introduction.

Dr. Wheeler continues, “The author was born and reared in rural Oklahoma. All that was good and beautiful in that setting – her home and family and all – she shares with her readers in Leaves In The Wind. Mrs. Meinders possesses a host of commendable facets to her gracious personality. She has always been the scholarly type, a pianist of concert level, a teacher of piano, church worker and organist, world traveler, wife, mother and now a gifted writer. The reader will get a glimpse of all these attributes as he or she turns page after page of this delightful volume.”

The author notes, “These chronicles were not written as fiction. They are set down from the memories of childhood so that my children, and others, can know what it was like growing up in a simpler time, a time when a change of seasons meant a change in the temperature of the house and in the kind of work one did. It was a time when summer days were long and still and brimming with life – the lonesome call of turtledoves, the worrisome and ever present buzz of bees, the calling of a baby calf for its mother, the infrequent sound of an airplane overhead, and the distant, comforting putt–putt of the John Deere when Daddy worked the fields close to the house.


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